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Panache Tours offers a wide choice of private, cultural and sightseeing tours of Paris and the French Provinces for an international clientele. Operating since 1998, Panache Tours needed updated branding and an image-rich, user-friendly web experience that matched the exciting variety of unique tours and quality services the company has delivered for so many years. BIGFLY Design knew it was crucial to better communicate, and promote the culturally-rich tour offerings with a clearer category view of the tours and brand positioning that elevated Panache above other, less established Paris tour operators.

Project Description:

BIGFLY Design proposed to kick off this project by reorganizing the site’s information architecture by reducing the inventory, re-organizing the content and creating new interesting user-friendly tour categories, such as Chateaus by Day, and Paris by Night. We created a cleaner curated version of the tour content that also advertised the client’s range and variety of tour offerings in an inspiring way, along with a new main navigation lead by destinations and tour pages featuring new cross-promotion opportunities.

We wanted to ensure that the brand positioning clearly matched the depth and professionalism of the client’s 15 years of experience so we also helped to develop a new tagline to express this: “Extraordinary Tours of Paris and France Since 1998″. This positioning clearly communicates the company’s commitment to high-quality tour services and its depth of experience, which is rare in today’s quickly changing travel landscape.

We built the new site on a slick, responsive WordPress/Ecommerce platform form to allow for more cross-selling opportunities and conversion tracking. We also re-organized the tour content by spotlighting image-rich tour categories and developing curated tour content with the goal of producing a more inspired view to the client’s tour offerings. The new site offers a much improved sales and cross-selling tool set while being more visually appealing to an international and American market looking for private, English speaking tours with high-quality services.


Early results show a direct increase in conversions from a primarily American target audience seeking quality, custom tours. “Thanks so much for all of your wonderful work! You were absolutely right to reorient the project to take advantage of the enhanced functionalities of WordPress. I now have a site that’s not only beautiful, but also offers me so many more sales and marketing options than I ever could have imagined.”

Laurann Greene, Founder, Panache Tours


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