Culture Crush: Northern Italy

Culture Crush: Northern Italy

I have been wanting to travel around the more authentic, less touristy region of Piedmont in Northern Italy for quite some time, so expectations were high and happily this gorgeous lush region did not disappoint. We only had time to dip our toes into the culinary side of this region, so I must return (on a more serious-oriented mission) in the fall for the truffle season and more wine tasting in and around Barolo. Apparently, the area in and around Alba has an incredibly high concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants, so that will be my mission for the next visit. For now, I was able to get a peek at this handsomely manicured landscapes of vines, orchards and farmland.


Barolo is a charming, scenic small town surrounded by a spectacular countryside. It is world famous wine city and its the namesake city for the “king of wines and the wine of kings” possessing a 10th century castle in its center.

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Then, we were off to the sumptuous Lake Como. In August, I expected hordes of tourists in the more well-known big, beautiful cities, so we opted for a smaller, quieter fishing village just 10-minutes south of Bellagio. It was authentic, quiet and perfect.


To explore, we hopped a ferry and enjoyed the sites of the more glamorous towns of Bellagio, Varenna and Menaggio, the latter being my favorite with its wide piazza with quaint cafes and restaurants opening to the lake.





Arrivederci to my latest Culture Crush – Northern Italy. It was a wonderful journey from the hills of Piedmont and the Langhe wine regions to the soft, gentle waves of Lake Como, with its steep verdant banks elegantly dotted with flowers, gardens and a myriad of classic Italian architecture, just too sublime for one visit. Ciao bella!