Culture Crush: Marakkech, Morocco

Culture Crush: Marakkech, Morocco

I recently embarked on a 3-day travel adventure with my lovely friend Sam of Dovetail-Living to refresh the senses, scour the streets for design inspiration, breathe in a new culture and be inspired. Our efforts were handsomely rewarded with action-packed days full of authentic souk scores; vibrant patterns; donkeys hauling carts of everything from garlic to the unidentified; the aromas of dried spices perfuming the skinny, buzzing, maze-like streets; and wonderful pure color.  I was able to catch a glimpse of a completely different culture of people with different traditions and beliefs of my own…observe the vast differences from the traditional appearance of the streets below, to sipping in the cosmopolitan culture high above the Medina on the hip rooftop restaurants above. I believe travel opens us to personal and professional growth and simply keeps me inspired as a designer. Here are just a handful of my favorite inspirational places in Marakkech, Morrocco…
jardin majorelle



The colors are so vibrant and the smells of the dried spices in the streets…so inspiring!


A special thanks to Laetitia of Lalla, handbag designer and local expert, who provided us with the perfect design-obsessed itinerary offering an insider’s glimpse of Marakkech’s hottest designers, hip rooftop restaurants and the best kept secrets of the souks.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful travel relationship…until next time!  – The Gazelles